Millard School Newsletter January 10, 2013
Thursday, January 10, 2013

Limiting a Child’s Social Media Exposure

While keeping in touch with friends on social media sites is fun, giving out too much information can lead to many problems.

 These tips from the Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority (KHEAA) may help your child limit exposure.

 Unscrupulous people may try to use their posted information to commit crimes. To help protect your child and his/her personal information, follow these tips:

 ·         Make contact information private. Never post a phone number, address or e-mail address. Scammers can piece together an identity from this information.

 ·         Do not list exact date and place of birth. That information is gold to identity thieves. Do not answer these questions in online quizzes. Also, do not answer questions about the name of your street, where you were born, your mother’s maiden name or your favorite travel spot. That information can be used to determine your password and answers to your security questions.

 ·         Limit who can search for your child’s profile on Internet search engines.

 ·         Do not announce upcoming vacations on social media sites. That is an invitation to a burglar.

Infinite Campus Parent Portal:

Parents if you would like to access your children’s grades you may do so by visiting the Infinite Campus Parent Portal:

If you need assistance in accessing your child's grades via the IC Parent Portal or need their id's please call the school's guidance counselor, Stephanie Phillips.

Counselor's Office 606-432-2740

Main Office 3-8 Campus 606-432-3380


Student Cell Phone Policy (SCP)


Students are prohibited from having cell phones and/or any wireless communications device on school property, in their possession, during the regular school day. This includes, but is not limited to, carrying on the student and/or retaining device in backpacks, lockers, purses, etc.


Yearbooks are on sale for $30.00


  Remember to visit the school website for school updates, and announcements:

Attendance Incentive

Starting the month of October, at Millard School, a new attendance incentive is being implemented. Each week, every student who is present at school with no tardies (morning or evening), no absences, and no EHOs will have their name put in for a monthly prize drawing. A student who has been present at school every day, all day for the entire school month will have their name put in an extra time. This means a student could have their name put in for the prize drawing five times!

Congratulations to This Week’s Winners:


Eva Thacker  

Kayla Hopkins


4th                                5th

Isaac Woods               Daniel Adkins

Shawn Williams          Dalton Hylton


 6th                               7th

Justin Conway            Morgan Little

Katrina Koontz            Mary Adkins



Shelby Kennard

Steven Holland

Top AR Readers

1st grade - Brayden Sayers, Makenna Adkins, Jackson Senters, Alayna Bannerman, Ethan Kendrick.

 2nd grade - Jeremiah Thacker, Garrin Hughes, Landon Robinson, Gage Colley, Kaitlyn Goff.

 3rd grade – Serenity Ramsy, Siara Ratliff, Amelia Cure Olivia Morgan, Ben Mcpeek

 4th grade- Braxton Sayers, Kyra Morris, Shawn Williams, Alyssa Colley, Sarah Woods

 5th grade- Abby Meade, Jessilyn Ramey, Madison Bartley, Micah Raines, Mahala Jones

 6th grade -Nancy Brown, Katie Mavis, Kallie Thacker, Charlie Long, Whitney Ramey

 7th grade- Rachel Morgan

 8th grade- Kayla Jones, Stephanie Price, Rachel King, Tori Coleman, Michaela Thacker

This week’s events:

January 10 – Boys Home Basketball game

January 17 – 3-8 Parent Meeting @8:30

January 21 – No School

January 21 – Homecoming Basketball game @6:00

January 24 – Connect with Kids

January 25 – Boys basketball and Cheerleading pictures

January 29 – Parent Meeting at K-2 campus at 8:30 - Homeroom with the most attending will receive an Ice Cream Party!

February 5- Head Start Parent Meeting at 2:00

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